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For more details, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email today.

Due to Covid-19 

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Now Hiring Drivers

To get more info on hiring call us at 951-390-5818.

Taking You Where You Need to Go

Never worry about commuting ever again! Here at Faithful Shuttle 2019 in Blythe, California, we offer first-rate shuttle service for your safety and convenience. Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, we have you covered.

Book a ride today! For more details, feel free to contact us or browse our website. We’re more than happy to accommodate your needs.


How We Started

Terri L. Juarez has worked for Uber, but, unfortunately, it didn’t work out. She then decided to start her own business in 2019 and provide dependable services at half the price of Uber.

Terri is very patient and reliable. You can trust her to pay close attention to your needs so we can meet your expectations and achieve your 100% satisfaction.

Get to Know the Owner 

Terri L. Juarez

I was born on October 17th of 1975, which puts me at the age of 45 this year in 2020. I gave birth to two boys, and I foster in one, letting me be the mother of three boys. My sons are Johnny, Levi, and Samuel. I spent most of the years as a single parent until my youngest son’s father and I got together.

We have been through a lot. We were homeless before we moved here to Blythe and we have SEEN how GOD has provided for us a place to live, a great car, and my own business. I love helping people; I used to be a nurse, but I got injured in a car accident in December of 2016 and I was not able to do nursing any longer. So, I started to do driving jobs with Uber.

I loved the work, but when I got out here, a lot of people could not afford Uber prices. So, I chose to take a chance and do it on my own. I have serviced every kind of person who has needed a ride. I helped people who got stranded, were passing through this area, and those who needed to get to work and appointments. We service everyone from food delivery to shopping for someone who’s not able to get around.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people travel safely by providing exceptional shuttle service at an affordable rate.

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